Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I get mail and you should, too!

In my Thunderbird Mailbox, I get genealogy stuff of all kinds. 

Here are some recommendations of that stuff.  You can usually organize your e-mail folders or prioritize your messages so that when you have a few minutes, dip into your genealogy e-mail box and read a short article or two.  For example:

  • Did you know that 3-D family trees are now available?!  Progeny Genealogy is a company that is well known in the genealogy community and they have e-mailed this promotion to little ole' me!  "Get the Charting Companion today"
  • has e-mailed me this morning to tell me I have 23 "Smart" Matches.  
  • NEHGS has sent along their "Weekly Genealogist", another free newsletter; this New England Historic Genealogical Society has helpful articles (We love Tips and Tricks!); they also spotlight various cemeteries, and more.  Go to their website to learn more:
  • I get a regular e-mail "WikiTree Family News", because I've posted family tree information at; the "news" is about additions and changes to my family tree info.  Following that list, is a list of "family" birthdays.  I like to use this as a way to celebrate my kinfolks and check out the accuracy of my database, there. 
  • Do you get mail from a RootsWeb Message Board or Surname List?  If you've subscribed to one at RootosWeb (still a free service), then you will want to keep up with a particular surname or place!  This is a great vehicle to post queries, too!
My time has elapsed and I plan to continue making suggestions in a connected post, later.  When someone bemoans the fact that they rarely get mail, anymore, I just smile a little inside, knowing that always have some excellent examples of interesting e-mail, waiting for me on my T-Bird.
Winter in NWFL is Beach Time for Natives

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