Thursday, April 16, 2015

US, UK, Irish and Australian records |

US, UK, Irish and Australian records |

Read What is PERSI? at this link.  Then, go on to the second question, How Do I Get Copies of the Full Articles?  Historical information makes a colorful backdrop for you ancestors' story.  The Website, "" is continuing to grow in the scope of the records offered, but also in the scope of information and news about the sources we need to research our families.

It's been several (or is it "many") years since I've utilized PERSI.  I went as far as ordering copies of a couple of articles but have long since lost track of them; nor do I remember the content and application.  Since I can search PERSI for free in a number of locations online, I should go back and try again to find several articles for my research interests and locations.

As mentioned in the article, the options for retrieving pertinent articles have increased over the last few years. 

Monday, April 13, 2015