Friday, November 28, 2014

Hope you enjoyed having time off (from the regular duties of your life), yesterday, and also hope you took a moment to reflect on your life--the half-full cup angle. My own Thanksgiving Dinner began with a blessing on the food said by my oldest son. Saying thanks to God for so many good things in life is a regular Thanksgiving tradition in my life.

Speaking of good things, did you ever wonder where all the databases (records from, come from? Most of us realize that there are microfilms stored in a "granite" mountain and that those are being processed so that they can become digital items. Part of that transition includes an indexing element so that the database is "searchable", online, for free.

The FamilySearch Blog shows us that the old microfilms are just the tip of the iceberg.

Take a moment, a moment of thanksgiving, and read this article, "Where do indexing projects come from". You'll feel even more thankful after you read it, for many helpful hands have had a hand in this process. Their commitment is stellar!  And we thank them!