Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Time Flies

2014 is quickly rushing to an end and pretty soon, we'll slam right into a New Year! 

Yes, I know: it's not even Christmas yet.  And yet, I find myself thinking ahead to the many fine things that will be taking place in the New Year.  Especially, for genealogists and family historians. 

Spend a few minutes between now and New Year's Eve thing about 2015 and what it will mean to you in terms of your journey down Ancestor Avenue.

Consider, for example:
  • What's in store event-wise?  
    • Genealogists who love history will want to scope out what's happening in 2015 to commemorate and build appreciation of the history side of family history.  There's an App for that?  I'm not sure about whether there's an app, but using your search engine should give you an edge.
      • Possible Christmas Gift?  A Boxed Calendar created by The History Channel: People, events, and fascinating events to remember and celebrate in 2015!
      • Lincoln Funeral Coalition Re-Enactment.
      • Waterloo 200. (Be sure to check out the "Descendants" tab).  1815-2015 A.D.
      • Destination Gettysburg.  (Ten Events)
      • There are so many other events to check out in this category.  Don't forget state, regional, and local calendars for more possibilities.  Genealogy, 21st Century Style, includes and depends on historical perspective for understanding our ancestor's lives.
    •  In the genealogy community, you will hear much about the national conferences if you read any of the genealogy blogs that are the staple in our diet of education and news.  However, don't forget that state and local societies also have websites with calendars, also.  Here is a sampling of what's out there: