Monday, July 20, 2015

Where Would You Go for Genealogy Help?

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Where wouldn't you go?!  When I was first beginning to spend a lot of time on my research, I traveled to various places to educate myself  in my new "hobby"

I remember helping my friend get settled in the car; she was on oxygen and had a wheelchair, but I learned then, that having a companion on your trip makes the drive go much faster.  She was also my Genealogy Guru--you've heard the bit about we stand on the shoulders of giants?  Well, Lala had strong shoulders! 

Q: Where were we going? 
A: To Montgomery, Alabama, a three hour drive from home; the Alabama Genealogical Society was holding a seminar near the capitol, featuring George G. Morgan.  George had begun his venture into genealogy from a young age, listening to family stories.  Those were some good times!  If you ever get the opportunity to hear his presentations, you won't be sorry!  Check out some of his webinars (he's done over 200 so far).

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Eastland Disaster, July 23, 1915, Chicago River, Chicago, Illinois

The Eastland Disaster, July 23, 1915, Chicago River, Chicago, Illinois

Is it really a coincidence that after several months of not participating in the FamilySearch indexing project, I should be prompted to get back into the swim of things?  I was indexing these deaths when I realized that I should probably look more closely at the names.  Perhaps one of them is linked to my husband's family, some of them who lived in Indiana and worked in Chicago.

Whether or not that turns out to be true, at the very least, it is peculiar that I should begin my return to indexing with this batch of records, almost exactly 100 years to the day of the accident.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Genealogy Factor Archives | JSTOR Daily

The Genealogy Factor Archives | JSTOR Daily

The Genealogy Roadshow as featured on PBS this past season was even better than the first season.  Prominently featured on that show is genealogist, D. Joshua Taylor who has written some essays just recently under the heading, "The Genealogy Factor"

You can locate this type of informal guidance and education by using your Google Alert setting. I use "Family History" as well as "Genealogy".  You can also follow a specific region, surname, or personality.  And probably much more.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bay County Genealogical Society of Panama City, Florida

Bay County Genealogical Society of Panama City, Florida 

The Bay County Genealogical Society  was organized in 1980; it has been a mover and a shaker ever since!

I personally have enjoyed attending seminars sponsored by their organization.  I don't have a complete list of the speakers over the years, but one of my favorite personalities is John Philip Colletta, Ph.D.  In 2005, he did a seminar "Writing Your Family History--From Dry Facts to Real Life Stories".

This is one of my favorite themes and John covered, step-by-step, in this presentation, those elements of genealogy that are heavy hitters when it comes to writing a readable family history. 

The BCGS, by the way, will never let you go hungry.  Their leaders are real folks who know the art of Southern Hospitality.  In addition, they have been acclaimed as outstanding in the field of Preservation by the Florida State Genealogical Society.  Their website is a treasure chest of information for Bay County researchers and their support of the local Bay County Library has been significant.

The monthly newsletter, The County Line, always chock full of
  • Details about meetings and/or seminars--Need to Know stuff, with a reminder to enjoy regular meetings and socials, and of course, a timely reminder to renew your membership dues!  Since 2005, they've been meeting on the third Saturday (which works well for other societies in Northwest Florida).
  • Especially helpful, (since it's true that it's "not all on the Internet"), is the publication in the newsletter, of a list of the "new books" in the collection of the Bay County Public Library. 
  • The Society has in the past also touted their own publications for sale.  For example the Bay County, Florida Marriages (Five volumes for 1900-1955).
  • Genealogy Methodology:  you will find articles in the newsletter that will take some of the guesswork out of searching your ancestors.  Blurbs about genealogy tools also appear in the publication.  For example, Barbara Winge considered the Naming Patterns for IRELAND, in one column.
Since I am in the downsizing period of my life, I thought to pick up some of the many papers I've collected over the years, review them, and then trash them.  This article was based on a December 2004 issue of The County Line, but I've reviewed the newsletter and decided I can't trash it; it will go into the scrapbook!  After all, it has two mentions of seminars or events that I participated in and I want my children to know that I was always associating with good people and learning family history, my passion!  Please refer to the online website for the BCGS for current activities and information. 

Monday, June 08, 2015

United States Research Seminar | Learn |

United States Research Seminar | Learn |

This is Webinar info, (the class is already filled as far as physically attending), and it's in October.  Bookmark or "Fave" this website and plan on "attending" via Internet.  I'm positive it will be well worth your time!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Original records...the way to go.

Twenty hours ago, the FamilySearch Blog announced:

FamilySearch Adds More Than 3.7 Million Indexed Records and Images for Belgium, England, Germany, the Philippines, and the United States. 

1.  There are many sources for original records.  

2.  These records are being added continually at the various web sites.

3.  Original records/documents are the key to discovering information about your ancestors.

4.  Check often at the FamilySearch Blog to see what records have been added, or check at this link to see all the published records: