Thursday, February 11, 2016

Great Questions | StoryCorps

I wish that everyone could participate in the StoryCorps.  Our loved ones are dear to us and their stories are part of who you are.  How can we transmit that notion to others in our family tree who are still living? 

Journal Jars are a beginning.  But, best of all, would be an audio recording of us being interviewed by a relative or vice versa; voices for posterity!

Could SoundCloud be a vehicle for that?  Let me know what you think, tomorrow in class.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Want Help with Your Brick Wall?

Family Historian: "Help. Help! I'm Stuck"!
Attention Beyond Basic Genealogy Class:

Bring to class a family group sheet for your elusive ancestor.  Fill out the form as completely and as accurately as you can.  We will analyze the information and weigh the evidence as a class.  Then, we will try to find you some new leads!

Everyone in your database will be listed in at least one family group as a child in a family.  If that person marries or has children, then they will also be listed in that "family group".  Below are some places on the Internet where you can access free printable family history charts, and especially the family group sheet.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

GenQuestDiary | A log of my family history journey. | Page 2

GenQuestDiary | A log of my family history journey. | Page 2

Here is an example of a blog I created a few years ago.  Would you be interested in learning how to create a blog for your family history?  I'm not an expert, but I can probably get you started.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mastering Genealogical Proof - Kindle edition by Thomas W. Jones. Reference Kindle eBooks @

Mastering Genealogical Proof - Kindle edition by Thomas W. Jones. Reference Kindle eBooks @

I haven't yet purchased this book, but it looks like it would be very helpful.  I was reminded to consider it by a post that was made at Dear Myrtle's facebook and website.   "Myrt" has a study group for this instructional book by Thomas W. Jones at her Google Hangout.  I have added the book to my Wish List at Amazon.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Family Search Wiki "talks" about Death Records

The FamilySearch Wiki is like an encyclopedia and though the font is smallish and a challenge to some of us with poor eyesight, I've been told that it will soon resemble the font size at Wikipedia.  So look for changes at the FamilySearch Wiki in the coming months! 
What can't be argued is the premier value of the FamilySearch Wiki.  It is free info and is very well sourced.  In exploring death records, it becomes apparent that there are several different kinds.  They are listed at this link.  What are some various types of death records and where can they be found?  FSWiki knows.

Elelments Pertaining to "The Genealogical Proof Standard"

In the discussion about the reliability of original records (or copies thereof), we must ask ourselves, "How trustworthy is the information on a death certificate or a tombstone?".

Here is an excellent article that addresses that very topic.  "The Accuracy of Death Certificates and Tombstones".  This is the Diana, Goddess of the Hunt---of Ancestors website!  If you are looking for a model for an online genealogy web site, this certainly is my nominee.  It was created by Diana Gale Matthiesen.

Jot down some of the primary points that Diana makes in the article.  What key elements are part of evaluating historic documents as mentioned in this article?  What environment existed at the time of a death?  Folks were often emotionally "demolished". 

If you have experienced the death of a loved one, please feel free to make a comment about the things that were on your mind or reasons you might have made an error.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Ancestry Insider: Darned Divorcee’s Deposition

The Ancestry Insider: Darned Divorcee’s Deposition

This is for my new CLL Class Members.  If you have a subscription to or use FamilySearch, this is a BLOG that you might want to subscribe to.  You can receive it via e-mail or view it online.

Since we were recently, (Friday), speaking about original records, I thought you might enjoy this discussion.  And remember, Mr. Sider is an unofficial blogger for and/or FamilySearch.  However, he is an Official Blogger for RootsTech, the upcoming conference in Salt Lake City.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I get mail and you should, too!

In my Thunderbird Mailbox, I get genealogy stuff of all kinds. 

Here are some recommendations of that stuff.  You can usually organize your e-mail folders or prioritize your messages so that when you have a few minutes, dip into your genealogy e-mail box and read a short article or two.  For example:

  • Did you know that 3-D family trees are now available?!  Progeny Genealogy is a company that is well known in the genealogy community and they have e-mailed this promotion to little ole' me!  "Get the Charting Companion today"
  • has e-mailed me this morning to tell me I have 23 "Smart" Matches.  
  • NEHGS has sent along their "Weekly Genealogist", another free newsletter; this New England Historic Genealogical Society has helpful articles (We love Tips and Tricks!); they also spotlight various cemeteries, and more.  Go to their website to learn more:
  • I get a regular e-mail "WikiTree Family News", because I've posted family tree information at; the "news" is about additions and changes to my family tree info.  Following that list, is a list of "family" birthdays.  I like to use this as a way to celebrate my kinfolks and check out the accuracy of my database, there. 
  • Do you get mail from a RootsWeb Message Board or Surname List?  If you've subscribed to one at RootosWeb (still a free service), then you will want to keep up with a particular surname or place!  This is a great vehicle to post queries, too!
My time has elapsed and I plan to continue making suggestions in a connected post, later.  When someone bemoans the fact that they rarely get mail, anymore, I just smile a little inside, knowing that always have some excellent examples of interesting e-mail, waiting for me on my T-Bird.
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