Friday, April 20, 2018

Help from Genealogy's Star Blog

I've touted, before, the interesting and advancing articles at this website.  To get the full benefit, one must follow the topic from blog post to blog post, as James Tanner unrolls and expands his point.  In this case, his point is that there is a wealth of online information about, not just our family tree folks, but also the folks who were related to the lineal ancestors.

I look forward to following this series of articles.  "In Depth" genealogy is indeed an exploration of the familial relationships as well as the family tree structure.  The information we gain will only serve to strengthen our roots!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Experimenting at Internet Archive.  I was only two years old in 1948, but Eglin Field is a part of my history: I was born there!!

So whether it is relevant, earthshaking, or whatever...History is under the umbrella we call "Family History".

Monday, April 09, 2018

Without it, we wouldn't have such pretty flowers in May! Mid-month (almost) and April Showers (goodies)

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Addendum to previous post on Sharing with Your Family your family history treasures

I am attaching a copy, here, for the Notes on the Webinar, previously posted with a link.  Rough though it is, you will want some of these links.

Webinar Notes Lisa Louise Cook

Projects You can Share with Your Non-Genealogist Family

1. Your Goal: two concepts (I’m the only one that can pass along my genealogy).
a. Grandchildren are nevertoo young.. They are never too young to pass it on.
Things that matter most, we build on these ideas. They are never too early. 8 years old! Shoebox. Start looking at our kids/grandkids. Exposing them to genealogy. Its an investment.
2. Visit to Family History Center—etc. Pics on the wall. We hold this dear. Catch their interests. Stories, Sharing. Not an instant payoff. Get them interested in family history...not genealogy.

Varying degrees of interest. Skip generation?

The passer-on-ers.

Shift our focus: Talk their language. 3-D Movie glasses. Give them New glasses with which to see the information.

I am here to inspire you to inspire them.

Turning our junk into projects that will capture their interest.

Newspaper, mugs, table, etc. Tell BRIEF story. Make your home a showcase. Decooupage plates. Needlepoint. Photo editing. Do Something!

Decoupage Plate. ModPodge—make copies of photos. Clear plates. Seal it. Vehicles for telling your story. Black and White Photos.

Family History Christmas Wreath: Holidays are busy times. What really matters. Telling a story. Craft pieces of wood...buttons from old clothing can be a frame. An earring. Trinkets and buttons are tucked onto wreath. Bows made out of scraps of material. We are tying to instill interest.. Sepia colored frames. Black and white or sepia tone. Adobe photoshop. Restoring old photo. (Genealogy Gems)...little pieces of jewelry. Buttons, earrings, jewelry. Get them to buy in! Step by step instructions at Genealogy Gems. Subscribe to YouTube Channel. Projects.

Family History Wall Display. Corner cabinet. Old Dresser. Table cloth. Section of fence. Jars, canning. Baking. Pic of grandma and her, plus grandparents. Ribbons, etc. Relics. E-bay.

Bale of cotton. E-bay. Match cover. Search e-bay. Matchbooks. Shadowboxes. Label pics. Real objects from that place and that time. Search names and places. Sell on E-bay?

Hands on quilt. Madden family from Illinois Hands quilt. Branches of family involved. A Genealogy Gem. Someone else’s “trash” could be your treasure.

I hope I live long enough and well enough to do some of this stuff. Jan in my class will enjoy some of these ideas. Wrappers on chocolate bar with old photo (copy). “Sweet Memories”. On backside: ingredients would be family motto or whatever. “Gifts are Family, Attention. Record when you give the candy bar label . Make stockings out of old material. Make copy of quilt at Kinko’s.

Cake decorating, using silhouettes. Theme cakes for fiftieh birthday. Crushed oreos. Tractor cake. or

Digital Diversions. Face Book. Blog? To reach millenials===why is this relevant. Shape Collage and makes it any shape. Shape Collage app.

Photo Apps (Retype)

Its about the journey and the people.

Familytreewebinars store

Video—Animoto app. Mobile app videos
Download at HD qualities.

Make a video. Line up photos and maps. Dropbox folder. Put images in dropbox and app will combine.

We can still have videos. To convey stories. Use little short videos for gifts. How to engage millenials. Click, drag, and drop.

Google Earth Pro “Family History Tour”
Google Earth Pro software is free! Tell the story. (doesn’t have to be the entire story). Use street view. Make it interactive. Time Travel. Online multi media Family History Tour. Google Earth has pics of old map.

Share genealogy research and creative ways and ensures that it will be valued and preserved.

You find your passion and your way to share. How to Save Your Research from Destruction (Episode #4 Podcast)

$9.95 month webinar

Georgia Ancestors Wed. April 11

Premium eLearning 1 year membership: Code Legacysave20

Get proficient with your smart phones! Make videos.

$29.95: printed book elearning companion guide book by Lisa Louise Cooke

Projects that will captivate the Non-Genealogists in Your Life: Sharing the Joy

joy10 =code for free something!

Creator Studio Free Music
for videos
Get You Tube Channel!

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Lisa Louise Cooke "Genealogy Gems"

My granddaughter, Kaylee, is getting first hand knowledge about "babysitting" her new brother.  Or should I say, she is getting experience in "lapsitting"!?

I "attended" a webinar today, a genealogy/"family history" webinar.  So excited about the message that I've decided to share my notes with you.   I take notes because as an unpaid viewer, a non-subscriber to Legacy Webinars, I don't have the option to download the "hand-out".  My notes are rough, but perhaps you would like to check out some of the links.

From time to time, I do subscribe on a monthly basis.  I never follow one of these webinars, but that I get re-excited about family history.  I always learn something!  I can't always write my notes fast enough, but perhaps you will get something out of them, anyway.  If you can't open the PDF format, let me know and I will send you a word document.

Today's webinar featured one of my favorite people in all of the genealogy community.  Lisa Louise Cooke!

Here is a link to those Notes I took during the Webinar:


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A little newsletter for genealogists in Northwest Florida or other areas.

If the links do not open, please search on Google the items below.  I will check this as soon as I post this and try to do some editing so that will not happen often.
The goal of this twice monthly communication is to bring to your attention the most important updates that you need to know­, with links to further information, and to reduce the amount of updates via one-off emails.

  • Family History News, Events, Education and Motivation info and links


Popular new pages:


Check out  They recently posted a Guide Finding Your Female Ancestors.  They also have the largest collection of Irish newspapers, anywhere!

What was released recently and what's coming up:
Feature 2:  Search Irish Church Records, Here
Coming Soon
Feature 1:  Genealogical Society of Okaloosa County, Florida offers a presentation, Saturday, 24 March, 10:30 a.m. (No fee) - Location is The Fort Walton Beach Public Library
March’s Speaker  for the Genealogical Society of Okaloosa County is Dr. Thomas Sajwaj
 Presenting:  “Ethics in Genealogy: Case Studies”
 Dr. Sajwaj is a popular GSOC guest speaker always giving us a new perspective on our research and it's possible impact on others.  For more information, please contact Val Moreland at  850 582 8202 or check out the GSOC Facebook Group.
Feature 2:  Family History Night: Friday, Mar 23, 2018, 6-8 pm; Fort Walton Beach L.D.S. Church 339 Lake Drive.  The program will feature a Presentation by the Price couple; following that presentation, one-on-one help is available for those in attendance.  Questions?  Contact Margaret Harris if you have questions.  (850-533-6710)

Feature 3:  GSOC SIG Meeting, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Public Library-Open to any genealogy enthusiasts who have "Brick Walls" in their research or who have specific difficulties in their research.  Saturday, 4/7/2018 at 10:30 a.m.  You don't have to belong to the genealogy society to participate in this meeting.  It's also FREE!

Ongoing Programs

We support and encourage any events that will assist or promote Family History.

Upcoming Event
Location + Additional Details
March 23rd, 2018/
6 p.m.-8p.m.
Family History Nite
339 Lake Drive, Fort Walton Beach (off Memorial Pkwy. at LDS Church.  All are welcome; No fee.  Personal one-on-one Help and Presentation by the Price's.
March 24th 2018/10:30a.m.
Genealogical Society of Okaloosa County, Florida
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
All are welcome!  No admission fee to Meeting.

Saturday 7th April, 2018/10:30a.m.
GSOC Special Interest Group
Fort Walton Beach Public Library - All are invited. No Fee.  Bring your genealogy questions!  Contact 
14th April 2018/4p.m.-5:30p.m.
Organization of NWFL
Niceville L.D.S. Meetinghouse

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Presentation Slides Shareable Link
Just click and enjoy.

The First Annual NWFL Family History Fair Has Happened.

Well!  The First Annual NWFL Family History Fair was, in my humble opinion, a wonderful success.  Let me know if you attended and what your take was.  I'm sure that improvements can be made and your suggestions can help.

The reason I liked it so much:  I found a dozen cousins or more as those who have put their family trees on as those of us sitting in the room, loaded the app "Relatives Around Us".  I sure feel happy to know so many of us connected!

I will be posting my presentation and all the websites I recommend; my launch point was this...before  you get on the internet, write down or chart what you know about your ancestor, already.  Then, set as your goal to obtain the information online for the stuff you don't already know.  Construct a profile and a timeline for your ancestor.  Then, use those question marks to drive your online search.

Thanks to the committee and all the volunteers for the wonderful job done today and thanks to all of you who attended.