Friday, February 27, 2015

Will we see you in Mobile?

Will we see you in Mobile?  

Historical associations have been super willing this last few years to put their heads together with genealogists.  Our goals are so similar and the two groups have a similar interest, in restoring what what was lost, identifying the true facts, and honoring our ancestors.  Click on the link to find out more about their April Meeting in Mobile.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

5 questions every family should ask their grandparents - Utah Valley 360

5 questions every family should ask their grandparents - Utah Valley 360

My maternal Grandfather, Richard "Ludd" Givens, passed away when I was very young.  I have no memory of him; Grandma Alice Givens died when I was about ten years of age.  I do have some memories of her and have recorded them.

There are many in my age group ("over-the-hill"), who didn't become interested in genealogy till after they retired.  Most of the older generation of our families are deceased.  In fact, we are the older generation!  So instead of doing what the article suggests, I'm going to turn it around.  Here's how:

Make sure that your grandchildren and great grandchildren know the story of your life.  Go through the list of questions in the article and adapt these five points to your situation.  Answer the questions as if your grandchildren were asking you.  If you don't have grandchildren, then answer them, anyway.  There may be a favorite niece or nephew or grand niece who would be interested.  Finally, what a great way to connect with others, such as cousins!  I'm planning to attend a reunion this summer and I would love to compare my life experiences with theirs.

Your story is worth telling and now you have some guidelines.

Family Tree Maker: 20 RootsTech talks for beginning family historians

Family Tree Maker: 20 RootsTech talks for beginning family historians

Some of the presentations are going to be available for non-attendees.  Look through this web site to find which ones are going to be live for anyone to watch and listen to.  In addition, after the conference has concluded, at some point there will be archived presentations online.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hack Genealogy

Hack Genealogy

Here's a graphically fun website, with so much information you will want to celebrate!  Bookmark this one as you will return often, not only to read current info but to search their archives.

Class Notes 3

Intro to Beyond Basic Genealogy

1. You didn’t need to sign up for this class because it’s all on the Internet. T or F

2. Genetic testing brings families together. T or F

3. All I need to find stuff on the Internet is the search engine, “GOOGLE”. T or F
The groundwork for building a family tree-house is all about obtaining vital event information for your ancestor.

The first step by which you may identify your ancestor is his or her correct name.

Given name = First Name + Middle Name.
What’s in a Sur-Name?
A Rose by any other name?
Would Smell as Sweet?

Articles about this topic: Kimberly Powell is a well-known and dependable authority whose links can help you find articles. She was a blogger before we knew what bloggers were! hosts her forum:

Another well-known source is Cyndi Howells: ; use search box at top right of page or search under categories.
Second Step in establishing the correct identity for your ancestor is obtaining the date and place for his vital life events (BMD's). Again, be as accurate as you can be. The experienced genealogist will tell you that this step becomes more important as times go on and that revision is frequently necessary.

Third Step: Relationships are KEY! Was your grandfather the oldest child in his family? Or the youngest? Did he have more than one wife? Who were his siblings? Where did his mother and father come from? Who lived next door? Who did he hang around with? A favorite cousin?

Other identifiers might include: nationality, ethnicity, heritage, culture, occupation, military service, education, religion, appearance, health factors, and residences.

What about BMD's?