Saturday, March 03, 2018

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The First Annual NWFL Family History Fair Has Happened.

Well!  The First Annual NWFL Family History Fair was, in my humble opinion, a wonderful success.  Let me know if you attended and what your take was.  I'm sure that improvements can be made and your suggestions can help.

The reason I liked it so much:  I found a dozen cousins or more as those who have put their family trees on as those of us sitting in the room, loaded the app "Relatives Around Us".  I sure feel happy to know so many of us connected!

I will be posting my presentation and all the websites I recommend; my launch point was this...before  you get on the internet, write down or chart what you know about your ancestor, already.  Then, set as your goal to obtain the information online for the stuff you don't already know.  Construct a profile and a timeline for your ancestor.  Then, use those question marks to drive your online search.

Thanks to the committee and all the volunteers for the wonderful job done today and thanks to all of you who attended.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What do you want from an online tree?

Using your Brain Lately? 
Have you thought about it?  What do you want from an online tree?

1)  Option to have a private tree?
2)  Ability to interact with other online genealogy sites?
3)  Tutorials or videos in case you have questions?
4)  Good tech support?
5)  Reasonable price for all of the goodies?
6)  Add-On's that really work?

Enter (drumroll)!  ROOTSFINDER!!!!!

Okay, your list may be even longer; I was reading all the reviews and in particular, the Genea-Musings guy, Randy Seaver, says he likes the printed reports.  

Let's take a look at Rootsfinder and talk about its features---CLL Students, this is your discussion (or part of it) for Friday, February 21st.

Check back here for other developing....dare I say BREAKING!! news that is relevant to our class,  Family History on the Internet.

Watch segments of RootsTech

This is an article that lets you know the schedule for broadcasted sessions of the 2018 RootsTech event.

I'm sending this to all the members of my current CLL class, but feel free to share the link with others that you believe might be interested.  

From the article, regarding the 19 Streaming Sessions: 
 In 2017, streaming sessions garnered more than 50,000 views, and that number continues to grow each year.
The streamed sessions will include the popular general sessions and a sampling of technology and family history presentations appealing to varied interests.
 Prominent vendors who will be attending the event, include representatives from,, and others.  Watch the newsletters you get from these companies; some of them have posted promotionals in conjunction with the RootsTech event.
This event is the largest genealogical conference in this hemisphere, if not in the world.  

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Official Guide for FamilySearch

Were you wondering if there was one?  

An official guide to FamilySearch?  Well, there is!

Of course there are lot of websites that talk about and there is plenty of help on the FamilySearch Wiki, but if you
want a workbook online, a project manager, then use this FamilySearch Official Guide.

Many of us have learned by trial and error, but some of us like to study the "rule book" at the beginning of a new endeavor.  

Still others have a specific question about using FamilySearch; well check out the guidebook and let me know how or whether you plan to utilize it for that purpose.

P.S.  When I want to find a specific page at, I Google what I'm looking for and Google usually takes me there!  Another great way to find a specific topic at FamilySearch is

And then, there is the Unofficial guide as well.  I found it easily, the information for the book, at WorldCat! 
Blaine T. Bettinger posted on Facebook about a story of a man who gives lots and lots of his time to digitizing old newspapers.  
The story was just too good to pass up, So "Dear Myrtle" shared Blaine's post in her public group on Facebook.  

Now, I'm falling in line with others who realize that Tom Tryniski is an amazing person!  Here is the link to the orginal article at Columbia Journalism Review.

It's this type of individual that moves the rest of us to do a little more in the area of Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.

Tom's website, Fulton History, has little surprises here and there as he steps outside of the state of New York with his newspaper scanning project.


Tuesday, February 06, 2018

If you are researching your Alabama folks, then you will want to subscribe to a free newsletter, Alabama Pioneers.

I don't always read all of it, but it is helpful to my research because there are days when you read something and a light bulb is turned on in your head!

For example, today's item, (I opened up my email account and there it was), has a header "Free Links to Some Early Alabama Marriages by County".  Free is the best!  Unless I know that I already have all the marriage information for Bibb County Alabama relatives, (which I probably don't), then you will click on that link, first thing!

It makes sense that if you are looking for genealogy information in any state or county, that you will want to subscribe to a blog, newsletter, or whatever, that has that place in its title.  

One of the links in this article brought me to this Site, where marriage info for the period, "Before 1825", resided.
has, in turn, links to other sites for related research!  

Friday, January 26, 2018

Newsletters, Websites, Blogs, and Twitter!

Imagine my delight when I discovered this gal over at Twitter:!

Not only do I have a redhead granddaughter, but my best friend in high school was a red head!  At the Center for Lifelong Learning, we've been learning about genealogical newsletters, websites, and blogs.  

I get to start on a new track, now: no, not redheaded genealogists, but genealogy on twitter!

 Four other tweets you'll want to check out are:
  1. NEHGS Tweeter, Mr. Lambert 
  2. Memes and Inspiration at This URL: 
  3. (for those who just love a good cemetery read)!
  4. Kenneth Marks, Ancestor Hunter:  This guy loves newspapers!
Now, if you want to know more or you want to see more like this, Please send a comment OR subscribe me to your email box!