Monday, August 11, 2014

Ancestry Home Page

Ancestry Home Page 

  • Valerie Bertinelli on WDYTYA? Wednesday, @8p.m. Central Time on TLC network)
  •  New Records at Ancestry
  • My Shoebox
 The above list  are "items of interest" that appeared on my homepage at; today.    Occasionally, I'm in such a fever to search that I kind of rush past the news and announcements section. When I do take the take to review the page, however, I pick up information that is helpful and relevant to my ancestors.

For example, it is evident that some of the genealogy community enjoy and follow the series, Who Do You Think You Are?.  So, I appreciate the reminder that Wednesday is the night I want to tune in.  How does this help me in my genealogy?  For one thing, it reminds me that documentation is the by word of family history and that even for celebrities, there are some dark corners and closets that are uncovered, as well as records that record bravery and dedication.

 Are there newly acquired record collections at Ancestry that are especially relevant to my search objectives?  Is there a new feature that will become the tool I need to discover sources and data?  The Ancestry Home Page is the place to look for that.

My Shoebox: I love that has provided a "file" for things I stumble on but can't immediately relate to an ancestor. My Shoebox is where I put stuff until connect the dotes, "cold cases" , if you will.  I need, on occasion, to review that file and see if I can bridge the gap between my discoveries and my family tree.