Saturday, October 24, 2015

RootsMapper Blog: an application to use with FamilySearch Family Tree

RootsMapper Blog

Above left, is a link that will take you to an application, (one of several that is available),  that was developed to work with FamilySearch's Family Tree.  Get an account (free) with FamilySearch and start playing with the app, today!

Reasons You Would Want to Put Your Family Tree Online:
  • You will find collaborators.  
  • You will find new cousins.
  • You will get a new perspective on "your" tree, which it turns out, at some juncture is also     someone else's family tree.  
  • You might learn something new about your family.  The input you get might be invaluable.    Conversations can happen.  Exchanging family stories may finally, become a reality.
  • If you never put your family tree online, it may die with you.  All that work, all that research, for nothing.
Why FamilySearch?  FamilySearch is Free.  No one will pay a penny to store or share or get information from this source.  FamilySearch is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Their objective is to have correct and accurate family histories "out there" in cyberspace, so that answers can be found and connections made. 

FamilySearch shares.  FamilySearch partners with other genealogical concerns (like libraries, genealogy and historical societies, states, countries, etc.).  Here is a place that you can store and share your photos, your memories, find official or original records for ancestors and document their history.  If you want to.