Sunday, October 06, 2013

Celebrate Family History Month » Local News » The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

Celebrate Family History Month » Local News » The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

Scare up some tips and hints for Family History Month celebrating. 

Here's the key: When reading a newspaper or any article, give yourself a challenge to focus on a particular slant or theme in the article. 

The title of the article, in this case, will guide you in choosing that theme.  For example, the title talks about celebration as pertains to "Family History" month, (October).  What kinds of celbrations happen in October?  Okay, Halloween is a pretty obvious association, right? 

What goes with Halloween?  Tricks and Treats.  In the article, look for tricks that will turn your genealogy into a fun activity.  What tricks did your ancestors (unknowingly) play on you?  How has tracing their lifeline surprised you?  How will you treat your forefathers and fore-mothers in your genealogy hunt?  Halloween is about dressing up; what kinds of dress did your ancestors wear?  The skeleton in the closet will become a friendly fellow once you shine a little light on the subject.

So, I chose for myself a challenge that I would look in this article for three new things I could learn that would enhance my enjoyment of family history this month.  No disguise or costume is going to discourage me from learning more about my family tree, this month!  There are hidden faces behind those masks and I want to get a closer look.  Read my next blog posting to see what I discovered.  While you're at it, what memories of Halloween or Autumn or Harvest do you have?  Write your own story!

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