Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Time is Here

The FamilySearch Blog has listed additional information re 2015 Conferences.  If you are looking for an event to attend in 2015, check out their links.

Holiday Highs and Lows:  

  •  Just a day or two ago, I connected with another family history researcher who lives in Arkansas, (I live in Florida).  It's always exciting to know that there is another link in the chain we are building on the Givens Family Tree.  Or, should I say it's not so much a chain as a circle?  Chains are a little heavy, come to think of it.  Still, you get the drift.  Many hands make the work of research lighter!
  • Always around the Christmas Season, you will find that software companies will offer discounts in price for their family history programs.  You can find these offers in your e-mail box and online at genealogy websites.  Keep an eye out or prepare next year to take advantage of this.  
  • So far, I mentioned the good news but there are some who suffer from ill health, the flu, pinched nerves, and more and somehow, that seems inconsistent in our minds with what we would like: a Holly Jolly Christmas for everyone.  If you or a friend find yourselves in this predicament, remember that life is imperfect.  Take your meds, get plenty of sleep, and drink lots of fluids.  It's never too late to celebrate the overall goodness of love, families, friends, and other blessings.  And there is always Facebook to get your Christmas greetings sent out!  I've received several nice family photos already!