Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jump Right In! The Water is Fine


How Internet Tools Can Give You Fresh Perspective on Your Family!


This is an app that was originally intended to manipulate data in your family tree at FamilySearch, as well as other data that has been contributed at FamilySearch, that might be relevant.

Now, you can use the gedcom from your Ancestry.com Tree(s), or the software you have been utilizing on your home computer, (RootsMagic, Legacy, Family TreeMaker, etc.

I have barely begun to explore all the things that PUZZILLA does to pull out information from your family tree. It is, of course, all about relationships and the family structure and dynamic. You can view the ancestors or you can view the descendents---all of the descendents. And that's just one small part. Here is a screen shot of one of the ancestors' descendent views.

The highlighted area represents the progenitor, in this case Jesse Mitchum. I don't that much about him, but his daughter, Sarah (or maybe, Susannah), married Richard Perkins in South Carolina. And I wanted to know more about this family who are connected to my Adoptive Dad's ancestry. The flower that blooms at Puzzilla is a compilation, here, of Jesse's descendants.

Figure 1

How many ways can you spell Mitchum?

So far, I've seen “Mitcham” and “Mitchem”.

In the next illustration, I've clicked on one of the

descendants (points) that I want to review.

Figure 2

There are so many descendants for Jesse Mitchum! By reviewing their “stories”, the vital records of their lives, I hope to learn more about Jesse. (Each cousin represents an opportunity...someone in their line may have blazed the trail, already...may have found original documents, etc., or maybe I can push the evidence envelope)!

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