Thursday, October 13, 2016

Organizing Your Genealogy and More!

First, I want to thank Val Moreland for all the links she sends me via her Facebook Page. Well, I'm talking about the genealogical links. The recipe links and "How-To" links are also interesting, but I never grow tired of finding out what she has posted for the genealogy world.

This week, she posted Legacy Family Tree (; this is a live event to be broadcast on October 29th, questions and answers sessions about DNA. A Genetic Genealogist, Mr. Woodbury, will answer the questions. Take a look, also, aat the other events hosted by Legacy Family Tree:

Thanks, also to Val for this link: "International List Causes of Death, Revision 5 (1938)." (  How does a death list like this expand our view of our ancestor's lives?

This week's class is about Organizing Your Genealogy.  

Who needs Halloween when you can just step through the doors of my home?  Seriously, the week before I contracted pneumonia I was going through my collection of old books, hoping to cull some of them from the ones I would pack for my upcoming move!  My father, who was born in 1913, had passed down to me some of these "Old Books"; not only were they dusty---they might have been a little moldy, too!  One was a textbook that he used in school, another had belonged to his stepfather, Floyd Hall, born 1879.

I have members of my family tree strung from one end of the house to the other...sometimes it's a photo, other times it's a book.  Often it is a newspaper clipping, a pedigree chart, a copy of a death certificate or other item.  I need organization for my paper files.  

Attending seminars is one way to  find out more about curing this sickness I have, the curse of dragging my ancestors around with me from place to place in one form or another.  What a relief it is when I actually get a document scanned or take a photograph of some relic from the past.  Then, I just have to worry about how and where to file it.  I often e-mail it to a child of mine.  I have six children and I take turns passing things along among them.  The burden of family history---what would I be without it?!!  Perhaps, I live in a haunted house, these days, but digital preservation gives me a little bit of peace.  I use flash drives, cd's, the hard drive of my computer, and the "cloud".  Not just one cloud, but several.  My files and photos, my scans and databases are at Dropbox, Amazon, Mozy, and other types of clouds like OneNote, Evernote, "One Drive", Google Drive, etc.  No wonder the owl in the Halloween Tree is asking, "Who, Whooo, Who?"  No wonder ghosts are wandering and unhappy...I have my ancestors spread all over the place!

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