Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Notes from my class, "Beyond Basic Genealogy" (First Week)

Class Discussions:

    Will focus on relevant challenges for the genealogist/family historian.
      • Genealogy methodology, (basic principles), as it applies to 21st Century research.
      • Technology-- software developments that provide a platform for record keeping and/or manipulation of data.
      • Digital preservation of records---
        • How are records obtained?
        • How are records collections prepared for access by the genealogy community?
      • The Genealogical Society and other groups (historical, etc): How do they function best for the 21st Century family historian.
        • What kind of structure and support should a genealogy society provide?
      • Systems for Family Historians: goals, plans, principles, attitudes, objectives, etc.
      • What is your learning curve?
        • Genealogical education meets the “Real” Genealogist.
        • What skills are needed for ancestral hunting (research)
        • What tools are available to assist in growing a family tree?

Will be courteous, respectful, and thoughtful.
  • Because of time constraints, it will not be possible to discuss each and everyone's personal brick wall challenge. Here is what I hope is a satisfactory approach:
    • You may e-mail me anytime to discuss obstacles you are facing or after you have tried to evaluate your situation, you can e-mail me to see if I have other suggestions.
    • You may make an appointment with me to meet with you at the local LDS Family History Center, (a community outreach), either during my regular shift or at some other time that I'm available.
    • I do like to do case studies a few times during the session. To get your particular case study on my teaching schedule, please turn in a pedigree chart and family group sheets for one of your family lines. Circle or indicate with a note the person or generation where you have run into a brick wall. We will then discuss this case as a class and make suggestions.
    • Right now, I have some time constraints for the class period. I will be leaving class at 12:30p.m., sharp, for a couple of weeks. Normally, I would be glad to stay after class and discuss with you personally, any questions you may have, but for the next few weeks, I may not be able to accomplish that.
  • How many of you are interested in learning to set up blog?
  • What other ways can you share your genealogy journey with your family and possible collaborators.

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