Friday, February 07, 2014

Ethan Stiefel Makes a New Zealand Ballet Troupe His Own -

Ethan Stiefel Makes a New Zealand Ballet Troupe His Own -  

Who, in your family, sacrificed comfort and close proximity to family members, for a higher calling?  How generous Mr. Stiefel is to share his vision with the NZ Ballet Troupe!  I'll just bet he has accumulated a lot of sky miles, going back and forth to the U.S. of A.

I think of our military serving, sometimes, thousands of miles from home.  Not only is it their sacrifice that must be noted, but those of their families, as well!

Back to the Ballet:  Maybe there is little about the art of dancing on your toes to compare with what the men and women in uniform do, but I do believe that there are occasions when the easy choice is not always the right or best choice.  I've found that the dreams that you pay for with sacrifice are dreams that bless your family and posterity and perhaps the fight for world peace.

My son lives in New Zealand.  He chose to be there where he could make a living in the field in which he received formal training.  He chose New Zealand, also, because he liked it.  Do we miss him and wish he was closer to "home"?  All the time.  However, he is broadening his horizons in several areas, starting a new family, and making a contribution. 

Our ancestors didn't stay, (some of them), in the same place all their lives.  There was always that one that chose a different life, a less traveled path.   Hopefully, they enriched their lives, the lives of their family, and the lives of those around them.  Hopefully, we can document the footprints of their "beyond the blue horizon" walk and bring them back, at least on paper, to back to the memories of those who stayed behind, or rather, to their descendants.

Kaylee, born a year ago in Auckland, New Zealand.  My son, living and working there, married a lovely girl from the Republic of China, and voila!  I am the grandmother of a sweet new branch on our tree.

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