Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What's Wrong with This Picture?!!

1940 Census Okaloosa County
I have looked at hundreds of census images.  Can you guess why I am unhappy with this one?  "T.J" Barks was married to Rebecca Jane (nee Arnett).  She may have gone by "Becky".  Never before in my experience have I seen "Mrs."  so and so; well, I don't remember seeing it.  It's bad enough that men had to go by their initials.  It's bad enough that all of Southern society (or is it broader than that?) accepted the whole "initials, only" thing, but to call the wife, not by her given name but by her husband's initials?!!

Okay, I'm not that upset about it; after all at least I found them in the census and I do have to thank the enumerator for doing his job, kind of.  I do have the 1930 Census Record and a marriage record for additional sources, plus a death record for Rebecca.  What I'd really like is to have known some of these people. 

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