Sunday, February 23, 2014

Census Online - Okaloosa Co., Florida Census Records - 7 Links

Census Online - Okaloosa Co., Florida Census Records - 7 Links

I found the information for my ancestor in the 1935 Florida State Census at FamilySearch, then clicked on "About this Collection" in the box where the image should have been.  

That took me to the FamilySearch Wiki, then at the bottom of that article was "related websites"--okay, it wasn't all the way to the bottom of the page.  It actually followed the "Known Issues with this Collection"  I clicked on the link and voila!  Up popped the Census Online page.  Cool, huh?

Actually, the link didn't provide the images for the 1935 Census for Okaloosa County; I went back to FamilySearch Wiki and accessed a link close to the top of the article on the topic. The link was right under the little inset box with the FamilySearch Logo; it said "Access the Records" and then there is a little link, 1935 Florida State Census.  This leads to a form at FamilySearch's "Search the 1935 Florida State Census", where you can search for anyone and everyone that should be in that census.  However, I was looking for an image of the actual page.  Unfortunately, or fortunately with limitations, I found---again at the bottom of that page, the information I was seeking:

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Source Information

"Florida, State Census, 1935." Index and images. FamilySearch. : accessed 2014.

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