Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Ancestry Insider seeks to clear up confusion...

The Ancestry Insider 

This is a blog that I read frequently for a better understanding of two primary genealogy websites that I depend on: Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org.

I gather from this that some folks are concerned about alliances that have occurred, several very recently between these two organizations.  I think that the message I'm getting from the blog is that this:

  • Good things happen when the big guys partner with each other on preservation projects, especially digitization of records.  More records accessible to more people is good, right?
  • FamilySearch doesn't show any sign of closing free access of the historical records featured on the site.  Is that assumption on my part correct?
  • If I could afford it, I would take advantage of the best that each genealogy website has to offer; since I do have budget, I continue to search for record sites that offer free or low cost access.  I use FamilySearch both at home and at the Family History Center, so that I can utilize the premium web sites that are offered at that location.  I depend greatly on Ancestry.com's United States collection (also available at the Family History Censter) and occasionally, I activate my "at home" subscription to Ancestry, also.
  • I have more than enough to do with the sources available just between those two sites and hope for state and local governments to continue to try and make their collections more available through digitization projects, on the Internet,

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