Saturday, November 09, 2013

I have other blogs...

Want to chill in an easy chair and explore some of the different types of blogs that I have created?  Sure you do!

Beehive Buzz is an all-purpose, any topic, kind of web site, a place to go when I just feel the urge to vent or share.

Gathering the Givens: I try to post at this blog, anything and everything I come across for my Grandpa Givens' ancestry.  We are planning a reunion for 2014 and since it's been ten years since the last one, I'm looking forward to touching bases with everyone.

Ancestry of Wiley Benjamin Hill, Jr. is devoted to my adoptive father's line; I know the most about this family, I think as my dad mentored my entry into the genealogy world when he turned fifty years old or so-----that's when he became interested in following the footsteps of his mom and his sister, Aunt Bea, who had already gathered lots of relative info.  [Pun intended]!

I also have a WordPress blog, "GenQuest Diary", where I can post genealogy journeys and discoveries.  Since WordPress is different than "Blogger", a Google generated brand, it's interesting to play around with it and stretch my brain by trying different things.

I encourage beginning genealogists to create family newsletters with the help of tools like online blogs.  Your kin can keep up with your research results and share their present day family history in the making.  For more information about creating a blog, I recommend this comprehensive article at FamilySearch.

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