Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mocavo: How We Make Money

Mocavo: How We Make Money

I haven't invested a lot of time or effort in researching at this Web Site; primarily, I didn't know a lot about it.  This page (the link above), does clear up some of my questions.  But, I still wonder--how is Mocavo better than and/or FamilySearch?

Like everything else on the Internet, I will have to set aside some time to play with it to find out.  I can also search online for some reviews.  Let me know if you've invested some time with this service and how you like it. 

Like anything new on the Internet, you're asking yourself, "Is it really free?" or "Is it really free, forever?"  Be sure to read the comments, below, on the articles that Dick Eastman posted, especially the one most recently about Mocavo Introduces Free Forever .

Two things I do like so far in my research of Mocavo:  1)  Learning Center and 2) Mocavo Blog

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Other items containing info at Mocavo:
  1. Randy Seaver (respected Genealogy Blogger) 
  2. Kathleen Cooper
  3. UpFront with NGS
  4. Peter's Family History Notes

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